Computer desktop wallpapers

Read where to get the right wallpaper for your desktop, tablet or smartphone!

Posted on June 5, 2015

Computer desktop wallpapers come in al sort of sizes. Some are optimsed for a large desktop screen, others are specialy made for your smartphone. How do you find the best high definition wallpaper for your device?

What device?

If you are looking for a smartphone wallpaper you should search for wallpapers in lower resolution. Not to low because then the image is blurry. It is also important that you find one in portrait mode because most of the times your phone is in portrait mode. If your screen is bigger for example a tablet then you should look for an higher resolution.

Type of wallpaper

Of course there ar many types of wallpapers. For example you have 3D wallpapers, HD wallpapers or backgrounds and many more. Most sites let you download these wallpapers for free but you can only use them on your own computer.

Wallpaper example

An example of a background wallpaper you can use freely